Every day thousands of people visit our stores. To meet our customers’ needs and expectations, we need employees with a broad spectrum of experience, knowledge and backgrounds. 

Do you share our interest in food and meals?
If you want to work with quality, service and making every day a little easier for our customers, you could be our next employee.

Our workplace

We want to be an attractive workplace for our employees. Talented and dedicated employees are ICA’s key to success. That’s why we focus on attracting new talent while also encouraging internal mobility. Our aim is to offer a workplace that stimulates creativity and initiative and where people can develop together.

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Work areas

ICA is a large employer with around 50,000 employees. Our workplaces look different depending on which country you work in and whether you work at a store, warehouse...

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Inclusion and diversity

ICA Gruppen is working actively to spread knowledge about diversity and inclusion, to increase awareness of unconscious bias and to prevent offensive treatment.

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Student and research

Students are an important part of ICA's organization and therefore many of our departments and stores actively work with interns and participating in students work.

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