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Focus on food and meals

With 2,300 of our own and retailer-owned grocery stores in five geographical markets, ICA Gruppen is one of the leading retail companies in the Nordic region.

The core business is grocery retail. The other businesses are ICA Bank, ICA Real Estate and a number of wholly-owned or partly-owned Portfolio Companies.

ICA Gruppen in brief

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  • Rimi Baltic
  • ICA Bank
  • ICA Real Estate
  • Portfolio Companies

Our segments

Our operations is divided into six segments; ICA Sweden, ICA Norway, Rimi Baltic, ICA Bank, ICA Real Estate and Portfolio Companies. The core business consists of trading of groceries. Other activities will support the core business and further development towards new business opportunities. Here you can read more about each segment.

ICA Sweden

- The leading grocery retailer in Sweden

With just over 1,300 stores and a market share of around 36%, ICA Sweden is the leading grocery retailer in the country. The business is operated in cooperation with independent ICA retailers. They each own and operate their own store, which makes it possible for them to tailor concepts and offers to local demand...

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ICA Norway

- ICA, Rimi and Matkroken

ICA Norway operates a grocery retail business in Norway under the store profiles ICA Supermarked, Rimi and Matkroken. Around 60% of ICA Norway’s stores are wholly owned and around 40% are franchises. In total there are 320 Rimi stores, 76 ICA Supermarked stores and 176 Matkroken stores.

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Rimi Baltic

- Stable position in a growing market

Rimi Baltic is a grocery retailer operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through the store concepts Rimi Hypermarket, Rimi Supermarket, Supernetto and Säästumarket. In total there are 235 stores: 83 in Estonia, 112 in Latvia and 40 in Lithuania. 

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ICA Bank

- The bank with the most satisfied customers

ICA Bank fulfils several important functions. In addition to providing user-friendly banking services, ICA Bank is also helping to improve loyalty to the ICA stores while reducing the cost of the financial flows in the ICA system.

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ICA Real Estate

- The largest property company in the Nordics with focus on retail

ICA Real Estate is one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the retail segment in the Nordic region. The overall mission is to meet the Group’s long-term need for appropriate properties in the right locations in Sweden and Norway.

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Portfolio Companies

ICA Gruppen also owns, wholly or partly, a publishing company and three retail companies: Forma, Cervera, Hemtex and inkClub. Kjell & Company was sold at the beginning of 2014. After an evaluation of the Portfolio Companies in 2013, ICA Gruppen decided to also divest Forma and Cervera. Hemtex and inkClub are believed to have the potential to support the core business and will remain within the Group.

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About ICA Gruppen

At the heart of ICA Gruppen’s operations is grocery retail. Around this we have built up a number of operations which contributing to...

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Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance within ICA Gruppen is based on clear goals, strategies and values that are well known throughout the organisation.

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ICA Gruppen is a large employer with over 21,000 employees in offices, within logistics or stores. At ICA you have every opportunity to develop. 

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The idea of the Investor section is to offer a broad range of financial information to facilitate assessment of ICA Gruppen.

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ICA has been working for years with sustainability issues, and our work rests on strong shared values and a belief that every link in the chain...

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In ICA Gruppen’s media room you will find published press releases, images and movie archives and contact information to ICA’s press service.

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ICA Gruppen’s press service

Phone: 46+ (0) 10 422 52 52

Ola Fernvall

Manager media relations

Sara Hjelm

Press secretary

Jenny Egeland

Press secretary

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