Work areas

ICA is a large employer with around 22,000 employees. Our workplaces look different depending on which country you work in and whether you work at a store, warehouse or in one of our offices.  At ICA you have every opportunity to develop. Moving between stores, warehouses and offices is both a great way to develop and an added qualification for your future career within ICA. 

Job families within ICA

There is a multitude of different occupations and positions within ICA. We have divided them into almost 20 job families and each job family covers a wide variety of competencies and roles. A job family may be represented within more than one of ICA’s companies.

Administration Services

Here your work involves supporting and following different processes and routines to provide smart office solutions and to maximise the efficiency of the business. You might, for example, work as a receptionist or in customer support.

Bank Services

If you work within ICA Bank (only Sweden) you handle incoming and outgoing customer transactions offering high quality service and the appropriate knowledge. You also sell customised financial products to new and existing customers. Within ICA Bank you might, for example, work with customer support, business services or development of banking services.

Corporate Responsibility

In CR your job involves communicating information and providing tools and support that enable us to live up to our goal of being a leader in doing business responsibly, complying with laws and meeting the expectations and demands of our customers and stakeholders. Within CR you might work with issues such as the environment, social responsibility and health.


Within Finance/Accounting your work includes developing and implementing ICA Gruppen’s financial plans and strategies. Here you might work with tax issues, accounting and treasury.

Human Resources

Within HR your work includes developing processes, methods and tools to maximise employees’ training and development. At the HR department you might also be involved in business support in areas such as resource requirements, talent and diversity. Positions include HR generalist, developer and specialist.


As a lawyer at ICA you provide legal advice and services on issues relating to the rights, responsibilities and privileges that exist within ICA Gruppen’s organisation. 


In Logistics you work on ensuring that we can cost-effectively deliver a high standard of service to the stores by purchasing warehouse management and distribution services. You might, for example, work in areas such as warehouse, transports and technology. 


If you work in Marketing, you will market ICA’s products, brands and services through various media. You might, for example, work with things like market communication, social media or direct mail. 

Pharmacy Services

Apotek Hjärtat is ICA’s own pharmacy chain and has close to 400 pharmacies all over Sweden. Apotek Hjärtat is Sweden’s largest privately held pharmacy chain and has pharmacies not only at ICA stores, but in different locations, such as shopping malls, hospitals and residential areas. Apotek Hjärtat offers prescribed drugs as well as OTC and traded goods.

Product Range and Sourcing

If you work with Product Range and Sourcing your job involves delivering competitive offerings to the stores with the right product mix and the right price based on ICA Gruppen’s overall strategies and business plans.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager you plan, oversee and manage internal products – from initiation to completion. Project managers are responsible for ensuring that the project is completed on time with the stated specifications and within the budget. As a project manager you might, for example, work with advertising and marketing, IT or product development. 


IT is responsible for managing and developing the IT infrastructure at ICA. This means being responsible for design, development and implementation of short-term and long-term solutions for new and existing applications, system architecture and system networks. You might, for example, work with IT architecture or developing apps and other web-based functions. 


ICA has considerable and broad requirements with respect to spreading information and communicating with different target groups – both internally and externally. This is where you plan and define different information requirements and communicate information through appropriate channels. You might, for example, work with strategic information planning, public relations or investor relations.

Real Estate

At ICA Real Estate your work involves helping to meet the Group’s need for properties in the right locations in Sweden and Norway. This is done today through a combination of owning, leasing and developing marketplaces. 

Risk Management and Compliance

Here you work on establishing risk and control structures for ICA Gruppen. You do this to facilitate risk identification and follow-up of risk management, control and control processes. 


If you work in Sales you might be responsible for sales of ICA’s products or services. You build and maintain effective and long-term relationships with a defined customer base to guarantee a high level of satisfaction and increase revenue.

Store Operations

As an employee at an ICA store you can choose between a broad range of jobs in which to develop. Depending on the store size, you might work with anything from stocking shelves or baking cakes to preparing budgets or working with store operation. 

Strategy and Business Development

Here you work on improving the quality of existing and new business areas. You might, for example, work with analysis, product range planning or quality assurance. 

Quality Assurance

In Quality Assurance you work on creating and maintaining quality standards for ICA’s products and services. You also work with developing guidelines, routines and methods for quality assurance. You might also work on monitoring the quality of our environmental work. 

ICA Gruppen is here


In Sweden there are around 1,300 stores owned and operated by ICA retailers. Sweden also has around 390 pharmacies Apotek Hjärtat. The companies ICA Sweden, Apotek Hjärtat, ICA Real Estate, ICA Special and ICA Bank are based in Sweden, along with ICA Gruppen’s head office, which is located in Solna.


Rimi Baltic operates 279 stores in the Baltic countries, 84 in Estonia with a total of around 2,700 employees. The largest Rimi office is in Tallinn where around 150 people work.


Rimi Baltic operates 279 stores in the Baltic countries, 131 in Latvia with a total of around 4,900 employees. The head office for Rimi Baltic is in Riga and it has around 350 employees.


Rimi Baltic operates 279 stores in the Baltic countries, 64 in Lithuania with a total of around 2,200 employees. Around 150 people work in Vilnius.


ICA has its own offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam and Bangladesh. These operations are called ICA Global Sourcing and almost 100 employees work here who are experts in purchasing, quality and social responsibility. Having a presence in Asia enables ICA to perform better checks on product quality and to monitor the chain from producer to consumer. We can also ensure that the suppliers accept their responsibility for social and environmental issues.