Our code of conduct

Our customers and other parties should feel secure and have confidence in us and our business. ICA Gruppen’s sustainability work is a strategic priority and is integrated in all the Group’s operations.

The starting points for our sustainability work are the three key words transparency, credibility and traceability.

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Sustainability strategies and goals

Our corporate strategy is based on five long-term strategic themes, which together provide a foundation for all of ICA Gruppen’s operations. One of these themes is "A positive force“, where we lead the development towards a more sustainable and healthy society – for a good tomorrow. In the medium term, the direction is articulated in Ambition 2025.

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This is how ICA Gruppen’s sustainability work is managed

Sustainability issues are reflected throughout the organisation

The strategic direction for ICA Gruppen’s sustainability work is set by the Board of Directors through the Sustainability Committee and is managed through strategic planning and business planning processes.

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For A Good Tomorrow

ICA Gruppen has set a high bar for its extensive sustainability work, which involves a variety of activities. For structured communication about this work, “För en god morgondag” (For A Good Tomorrow) has been launched, which will help provide a clearer picture of the work being carried out and the most pressing issues.

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