Brand engagement and collaborations

ICA can and wants to make a difference to our customers' health and well-being, because we care about the society we operate in. Therefore, through our collaborations, we want to give back, both locally and nationally.

We want to continue to contribute to making a positive difference in society and create opportunities to support socially important projects.

At ICA, we believe it is important to inspire more people to a healthier lifestyle. We do this partly through our sports sponsorship, which is primarily aimed at children and young people and collaborations with organizations such as the Cancer Foundation. For us at ICA, food and health are connected.

Local sponsorship

The ICA stores around Sweden account for a large and important part of ICA Gruppen's sponsorship. The ICA stores' local involvement in sports clubs, cultural events and social sponsorship is significant and important. If you have a sponsorship issue that is locally based, you should always contact your local ICA store.
Contact information for ICA's stores can be found here ›

Sponsorship across the country

ICA Sweden only engages in and sponsors unions, organizations and foundations that have operations throughout the country. If you have questions about sponsorship, which applies to the whole country, contact us at