Students and research

Students are an important part of ICA's organization and therefore many of our departments and stores actively work with interns and participating in students work.

Essays and theses

We are keen to help you as a student enhance your qualifications and experience, while we at the same time receive valuable input from you. 

All of ICA’s Swedish degree projects, internships and thesis topics are published at under Careers/Available positions. You can apply using the form available there.

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ICA Sweden especially works with the Center for Retailing at Stockholm School of Economics.

We believe that we can learn from each other and we want to help students improve their skills, particularly in the area of retailing.

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For many years, ICA Sweden has been involved in supporting grocery retail research and education. Back in the late 1980s ICA and Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) launched an initiative to learn more about marketing and promotion in stores.

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Internships and summer jobs

Every year thousands of young people work as interns in our stores and for many of them it is the start of an exciting ICA career. Regardless of whether you are interested in a future job at a store, in one of our offices or in a warehouse, store experience is always valuable.

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