Inclusion and diversity

ICA Gruppen is working actively to spread knowledge about diversity and inclusion, to increase awareness of unconscious bias and to prevent offensive treatment. During the year a large number of activities were carried out in various parts of the organisation. Several of the activities were aimed at increasing awareness among ICA Gruppen’s managers and employees about the Group’s zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, the grounds of discrimination and what they mean, as well as routines to deal with discrimination.

ICA’s efforts for employment for all

ICA has had several initiatives to increase employment for people with difficulties entering the labour market.

The 100 Club

ICA has been a part of the Swedish government initiative, the 100 Club, with the purpose of offering jobs or internships to new arrivals.

In total, 970 people have had internships or jobs in ICA (including the pharmacy, Apotek Hjärtat) during the three years (2015-2018) that the 100 Club was active.

In total, 3 728 people were employed at 31 different employers. ICA represented 26% of the positions offered.

We can do more

In autumn 2009, ICA started the We can do more initiative, aiming to increase the interest for hiring people with disabilities.

The project as such is finished, but ICA and the ICA stores still employ people with disabilities.

In the beginning of 2019, approximately 1,500 people with disabilities worked in the ICA stores.


ICA 2020

In 2014, ICA started the ICA 2020 initiative, aiming to give more young people jobs at ICA. The target group was people under 25, with difficulties entering the labour market.

In the beginning of 2019, approximately 12,800 people under 26 had jobs in the ICA stores.

In 2018, approximately 10,000 people under 26 had internships in the ICA stores.

ICA’s initiatives for increased equality

In 2017, ICA Gruppen started the ICA 50/50 initiative, to increase diversity and equality among senior manager positions.

The program ICA 50/50 Potentials was started with the purpose to motivate and support the development of junior, female leaders with potential for higher positions.

ICA Sweden and the ICA Retailers Association has the ambition that 50% of all newly recruited ICA retailers in 2020 should be women. In 2018, the share of women was 20%.

ICA Gruppen is one of Sweden’s most gender equal companies in the Swedish stock market. This according to the AllBright foundation’s report published in the end of 2018. They have reviewed the gender equality in Sweden’s listed companies management teams and boards. ICA Gruppen’s management had, per 31 December 2018, 7 men and 6 women. ICA Gruppen’s board had, per 31 December 2018, 8 men and 4 women.